Villas in North Goa with Private Pool: Find Best Locations

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Are you also planning for vacation to Goa for that relaxing and comfortable holiday far from the crowd? With no worries in your head, book a villa in Noth Goa, and this blog will help you choose the best one with the best location and excellent amenities. If you want to enjoy the nightlife, and Goan culture or rather experience the beauty of mesmerising beaches, these villas are the perfect for your stay. If are looking for privacy, luxury, and comfort at the same time, the villas in North Goa with private pools are the perfect blend of memories and relaxation for you. 


Why Choose Villas in North Goa?

• Ultimate Privacy and Comfort

Planning a vacation to Goa for relaxation and experience the beauty of culture and beaches, if you are choosing the villas in North Goa experience privacy and comfort, and be secluded from the crowd. So whether you’re planning for a family vacation or a getaway with friends, villas with private pools are your perfect spot to relax.  

• Luxury Interiors 

If you are willing to experience the lavish lifestyle with luxurious amenities you are nowhere behind, all the luxury villas in North Goa have it all. From modern kitchens to elegant bathrooms, to private pools and spacious bedrooms, these features in the villa will enhance your stay making the experience memorable for your life. The interiors of all luxury villas in Goa with a private pool will make you feel relaxed and opulent. And you will get a chance to live in a stylish living environment.

• Proximity to Attractions

North Goa is famous for its lively beaches, nightlife and markets. So staying at beach villas in Goa, you will get to experience the beauty of wonderful beaches like Anjuna Beach, Baga Beach, Calangute Beach and Candolim Beach. You will also get a chance the visit the vibrant markets of Goa as all the markets are just a ride away from your villas. 

• World-Class Amenities

All the villas in North Goa with private pools have world-class amenities so that you can have a comfortable stay and you can enjoy your vacation to the fullest. These villas have all the facilities along with housekeeping and other services that cater to your needs. Some of these villas even have beautifully landscaped gardens, an outdoor dining area, and yes a private pool so that you can have endless possibilities for enjoyment. 


Top Villas in North Goa with Private Pools

• Luxcape Villa, Goa 

Luxcape Villa is one of the villas in North Goa, Siolim. This villa is one of the best villas in North Goa with a private pool and is perfect for your vacation with family, or friends or whether you are planning a romantic getaway. You will get to experience beautiful sunrise and sunset views from this three-bedroom villa. With a lavish living area a fully furnished kitchen and an adorable dining area this villa is surrounded by greenery to make you feel calm. You can enjoy the exotic view of the beaches and top-notch hospitality of the villa. 

• Villa Alina

Villa Alina is situated near Candolim Goa and is famous for elegance and luxury. This beach villa in Goa a beautiful architecture that blends with the Goan culture and tradition. This villa has elegant bedrooms where you will get maximum comfort and elegance and it has an open living area for extravagant social gatherings and relaxation. The prime location of this villa is very near Candolim Beach, so you can walk by and enjoy the sunrise and sunset and feel the gentle waves always. So if you are planning a peaceful gateway this luxury villa will provide you with convenience and comfort. 

• Casa Sol

Located near Anjuna Beach this villa in Goa is famous for its modern and traditional design and offers luxury with serene landscape. The Casa Sol villa is famous and counted among the luxurious villas in North Goa as it has all the amenities and a private pool for you to relax. The whole property is surrounded by natural beauty that will make you feel mesmerized and calm all the time. You will get to explore the vibrant culture of North Goa and make good memories if you planning to stay here. 

• Tips for Renting a Villa in North Goa

If you are planning to visit Goa during peak time from November to February, you have to pre-book as the villas in North Goa with private pools are in high demand. Also if you pre-book you can get discounts and better rates with some offers. Keep in mind to check the rates and reviews of the villa and make a booking through websites, Airbnb, or any other way. And also remember to check all the facilities and services available to make your trip enjoyable. 



If you want to enjoy your vacation in North Goa with luxury and comfort you can book luxury villas in North Goa with private pool or you can take villas for rent in Goa with private pool. Make your vacation an unforgettable experience where you can relax and enjoy and explore the Goan culture with vibrant beauty, busy markets and mesmerizing beaches.