Experience Luxury with the Top 5-Star Villa in North Goa

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Top 5 Star Villa In North Goa

Are you sick of working? Do you need a break? Do you require peace of mind with your loved ones? There is a villa that will provide you with the best vacation of your life. Luxcape Villas is the name of the villa. They are only a phone call away from providing you with luxurious villas .

The 5 star villa have everything you need:

Free parking- We all love the sunset by the beach. We also love taking our car out and enjoy the scenery and mostly late-night long drives near the beach. Taking a car on vacation becomes a headache if there is no parking spot. Luxcape Villas, the 5 star villa in north Goa, you don’t have to worry about your parking spot. Come tension free and live there.
Private Pool – Who doesn’t love the pool and that too they are providing a private pool. Enjoy it with your partner, children, or alone, it is private and safe.
Cook/chef – When we are on a break, we don’t want to cook, also we don’t want to eat outside food every day as it hampers our health. That’s why Luxcape Villas, the 5 star villa in north Goa, gives a cook, so you can eat healthy as well as tasty food.
Open-air lounging area – It’s like getting a cherry on top of a cake. Being in Goa and then getting an open-air lounging area to enjoy sunset and sunrise with your close ones.
Living area with giant screen television, home theatre, and music system- Get all the luxury feel in Luxcape Villas. Watch movies, listen to music, and enjoy your vacation to the fullest.
Fire and smoke alarms enabled – Luxcape Villas are concerned about your safety needs. That’s why they have come up with fire and smoke alarms. So that you can enjoy your vacation without any worries.
Airport/Station pickup and drop service available on request – Come worry-free regarding airport pick and drop. Luxcape Villas, the 5 star villa in north Goa, will provide you with these facilities.
Daily Laundry and housekeeping facilities for a hassle-free stay – When we are on vacation, we tend to make our clothes dirty or want nice ironed clothes. Luxcape Villas will give you laundry and housekeeping facilities for a hassle-free stay.
Luxcape Villas, the 5 star villa in north Goa, is located in Siolim.

Some of the tourist attractions include:

Vagator Beach (5.7 km) – This beach is well-known for its parties that last into the early hours of the morning. If you enjoy going out to parties, this is the spot for you.
Mandrem Beach (8.4 km) – A quiet, peaceful 790-metre-long beach with few people. The majority of tourists visit the bigger party locations of north Goa. Mandrem is a white sandy beach with a smooth surface. At the southern end, the creek reaches the sea.
Mae De Deus Church (8.5 km) – The church is set in the breathtaking settings of the traditional Goan countryside, giving it the appearance of a fairy tale castle.
Arambol Beach (10.9 km) – At Arambol Beach, visitors can participate in a variety of watersports or simply stroll along the water.
If you’ve ever visited Goa, you’ll understand why it’s so popular with Indian travellers. It is one of India’s best, most beautiful, and most popular tourist attractions not just for its beaches, but also for its nice weather, lively nightlife, exquisite seafood, thrilling water activities, and more.

So, are you ready to explore Goa in luxury ?

Come to Luxcape Villas, the 5 star villa in north Goa, for a relaxing and peaceful weekend.