Top 5 Beach Villas in India For Your Unforgettable Getaway

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In this busy life, sometimes all we need are days full of relaxation and serenity. We need a space that is surrounded by lush greenery and endless views of the sea. And India’s coastline has various beautiful beaches for a perfect getaway. Various beach villas in India offer you a luxurious feel and you get to live by the sea enjoying calmness and serenity along with sunset and sunrise. Nowadays beach villas are ideal for travellers who want to enjoy the beautiful view of beaches and relax in privacy and luxury. 

These are the top 5 beach villas in India for your relaxing retreat: 

1. Ahilya By The Sea, Goa

If you are planning a visit to Goa, and looking for a stay in North Goa, this beach villa in North Goa is a luxurious boutique hotel designed just for you. Ahilya By The Sea is located in North Goa and the villa is decorated beautifully with Goan and Balinese architecture and provides a very relaxing atmosphere to the guests. Greenery, pools surround the villa, and a breathtaking view of the Arabian Sea.

One can enjoy the day at the beach and even stay at the villa at the poolside enjoying the beach view. The hospitality services at Ahilya By The Sea are warm and considerate, and you will get all the personalized services you need. Not only that, but you can also enjoy Goan cuisine at the in-house restaurant. 


2. Luxcape Villa, Goa 

Luxcape Villas in North Goa

There are so many beach villas in North Goa, and Luxcape Villa in North Goa is one of the villas that will make your vacation a dreamy one with beautiful sunrise and sunset views. Located in Siolim, North Goa, this villa is a perfect place for you to enjoy a vacation with family, friends and loved ones and the luxurious services at the villa make you feel at home.

This three-bedroom villa with a lavish living area, and a fully equipped dining area with a kitchen is the perfect place as the holiday villa that you always dreamt of.  The villa is surrounded by lush greenery and has an open-air lounge. The villa has charming amenities so that you have a serene holiday. Enjoy the exotic view of breathtaking beaches and indulge in the tantalizing Konkani cuisine at our luxurious beach villas in Goa. The incredible hospitality of the villa will take your holiday experience to another level.


3. SaffronStays, Alibaug

The SaffronStays in Alibaug is a beautiful three-wooden cottage situated near Nagaon Beach. This is a beachside villa that offers you a perfect escape from your daily life. Experience the breathtaking view of the sea and sandy shores with spacious rooms, a pool, and all the required amenities.

This villa beachside is perfect for families and friends. And not only that the villa has a caretaker who takes care of all your culinary needs. The beauty of this villa is that it is situated on the beachfront location, so you enjoy the sea waves from your doorstep. This villa ensures a luxurious and comfortable stay as it provides all the modern conveniences. 


4. Niraamaya Retreats Surya Samudra, Kerala

If you are planning to visit South India, and want to enjoy the beachside view and spend your vacation at the villa, Niraamaya Retreats Surya Samudra in Kerela is the perfect place for your stay. This luxurious villa provides modern comfort and the interior is beautifully blended with Keralite architecture making the ambience serene and pleasant. The speciality of the villa is its cliff-side location is the perfect place from where you can enjoy the beautiful view of the ocean. If you want to enjoy Ayurvedic spa treatment and therapy, this villa offers you with all and you get a chance to have a unique experience to relax. 


5. Villa Alina, Goa

Villa Alina is a luxurious villa located in North Goa with spacious room rooms, impeccable interiors and a private pool, and you will get to enjoy the beautiful view of the Arabian Sea. This villa is a perfect spot for beach lovers and you will also get to enjoy the nightlife and roam around the markets. You will get all the facilities at the Villa by the Beach Goa so that you can enjoy your vacation in a relaxed and comfortable way. From a fully equipped kitchen to Wi-Fi, you will get to experience all-natural beauty, local culture, and local cuisines. 



If you are visiting any of these places and looking villa beachside, these top 5 villas are perfect for your getaway. Each of these villas has some or the other unique features that make them different from each other. Staying at each villa will provide you with top-notch amenities and you will get all the personalized services so that you can enjoy your holiday with a blend of luxury, comfort and natural beauty. 


So whenever you are planning your trip choose the villa that matches your necessities, and you can lasting memories. Happy Vacationing!