Luxury Villas: North Goa vs. South Goa: Which is The best?

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Goa is loved because of its picture-perfect beaches, beautiful to look at coconut trees, tasty variety of seafood, heritage spots, fun casinos, nightclubs and lively flea markets. Goa is a small state, packed with tourists coming from different parts of the world. 

Whether you love adventure or serenity, Goa and its beaches are the best for a vacation!! 

North Goa and South Goa have different wonders to offer. That’s why it becomes confusing to decide which one to choose. 

Don’t worry we will clear all your confusion regarding rental villas and help you to pick the one which will be right for you!!

Get ready ….

Best Luxury Villa In North Goa Vs South Goa

Our guide will surely make it easier for you to choose. Beaches are the heart of Goa. Let’s start from there. 

Beaches In North Goa-

The best beaches in North Goa are- 

  • Anjuna
  • Baga
  • Calangute 
  • Vagator

They are popular and loved because of their lively scenic view, water adventure sports, street seafood and most importantly those lively late-night parties. Try out paragliding, parasailing, scuba diving or kayaking in North Goa. 

Beaches In South Goa-

The best beaches in South Goa are- 

  • Palolem
  • Majorda
  • Butterfly 
  • Colva 
  • Benaulim

These beaches are so beautiful that you will forget all your worries. You should take a walk around these beautiful beaches with your loved ones. 

North Goa is perfect for those who enjoy parties and a friendly vibe all the time.

Planning Your Honeymoon

 Whether you are married or not, if you want to spend some time with your partner in Goa and are confused about what to choose between North Goa and South Goa. 

Then choose according to your common interests with your partner. For couples who love eating delicious street food then North Goa is best. 

Also if you and your better half like adventure then there are a lot of water adventures in North Goa. 

If you are planning your honeymoon in peace then South Goa will be perfect for both of you. So if you are looking for a livelier atmosphere and fun, then North Goa will do magic for you. 


Well, North Goa has plenty of flea markets to suit every taste and budget if low cost shopping is on your mind. Among the well-known marketplaces you can visit are Arpora, Anjuna, and Mapusa. 

Additionally, North Goa markets are lively and noisy, which can be perfect if you want to experience the regional delicacies.

The South Goa flea markets, however, place a greater emphasis on upscale and rare goods than on cost. However, because the markets are less congested than those in North Goa, you have the opportunity to practise bargaining. The markets at Colem, Palolem, and Caculo are well recognised.

You likely have a good understanding of where you intend to go by this point.

Villas In North Goa 

1) Luxcape Villas

The reason why it is on top is because of its location, amenities and service. Located in a place where you can easily access the beaches, party places, and shopping places. It’s a beautiful holiday villas in North Goa. When you visit, you will find peace and the calmness which will soothe your soul. 

They also provide world-class amenities- private pool, parking space, pool table, Tv, music system and many more. 

2) Villa Domus

This holiday villas in North Goa is the ideal option for anyone seeking a sumptuous, unwinding, and revitalising vacation. Welcoming you to a world where the majesty and wealth of nature coexist with man-made grandeur is Domus.

Your Goan vacation will have more glitz if you stay in this holiday villas in North Goa. Your stay will be opulent and peaceful thanks to the inclusion of all amenities. You will get a large parking space, a cook, a caretaker, and housekeeping staff. You won’t experience any hardship from excessive heat and humidity as power and air conditioning are both available.

Villas In South Goa

1) Riverview Villa, Palolem

It is situated near tranquil Talpona River and just 2 km away from Palolem Beach. Surrounded by eclectic flora, its stylish charming interiors will win you over. 

2) Villa Casa Bala, Varca

Villa Casa Bala is one of the most peaceful homes in South Goa close to the beach, and it is situated in the peaceful surroundings of the charming village of Varca. On the Rental villa patio, the white sands of Varca Beach seem magnificent. The abundance of nature will make you feel as though you are sitting in its lap. 

Since we have pointed out the major point, according to all the points, North Goa is better and Luxcape Villas is the best luxury villa in North Goa. Start planning your holiday, Book your Rental villa today!!