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Goa is a top tourist destination, from bachelors to honeymoon couples, everyone loves it. It’s sunny and sandy beaches, with Bollywood famous shooting places, one can find many places to see in Goa.

Goa is huge, and it is divided into two beautiful halves- North Goa and South Goa. Though both are equally beautiful, North Goa is comparatively better and it counts as a top tourist destination.

Many people from different parts of the world visit Goa for its beauty and as it is called the party capital of India. People come from Russia, England, and many other countries for its beautiful beaches, energetic nightlife, water sports, casinos, tasty seafood, churches, and simply to have peace.

Are you looking for Luxury Villas In North Goa? An ideal one is Luxcape Villas in North Goa.

Leading Villas in North Goa for Rent with Private Pool

There are many options to choose when visiting Goa or North Goa.
There are options for hotels, resorts, and homestays, but the best option to stay is in a pool villa in Goa for rent.

Hundreds of Villas to Choose From But the Ideal One Is

In terms of private villa in Goa with swimming pool, Luxcape Villas are the best in terms of luxury and privacy. Luxcape Villas offers space for you and your big gang so that you can relax easily. It is a private pool villa. So you can enjoy the whole pool, without any worry of unknown people. You can easily enjoy the pool at any time of the day. Apart from the pool they have amenities like tv and pool table. Plus, the bonus point is that you will have total privacy because the entire Private pool villa will be yours.
It is a cosy property with 3 bedrooms with modern amenities and tucked away in serene and quiet corners.

Luxurious Amenities

When we are on vacation, we need basic as well as luxurious facilities so that we can enjoy our holiday to its fullest. These facilities differ from villas to villas.

A rental villa which will cater to all of your needs plus will pamper you with amenities is Luxcape Villas.

Here are some of the amenities provided by Luxcape Villas-

  • Private Pool

You will have the whole private pool villa in goa, play games or just relax in it at any time of the day or night.

  • Free Parking

Planning for a road trip? Concerned about where to keep your car? Don’t worry, Luxcape Villas offers free parking for its guests.

  • Tv

Spend some quality time with your lover by watching your favourite movie together.

  • Ac rooms

With Goa’s hot and humid weather, Luxcape offers you air-conditioned rooms.

  • On-demand cook

Too lazy to cook? Just sit back and relax. Leave all your cooking work to the on-demand chef. Ready to eat and enjoy delicious and nutritious food?

  • Laundry services

Luxcape Villas offers laundry service. Now leave your washing, ironing and drying clothes with them.

  • FREE wifi

Enjoy free wifi, now scroll or watch movies endlessly.

  • Pool table

Don’t feel like going outside? Don’t worry this Luxury Villas In North Goa will keep you happy with its pool table game.

  • Music system

Listen to your favourite music and have a gala time with your friends.

  • Fully equipped Kitchen

They provide everything you need to prepare your meals.

  • Housekeeping

Luxcape Villas maintains their villa and takes care of hygiene.

Why is Luxcape Villas the best private pool villa in Goa for rent?

There are many luxury villas in Goa for rent with a private pool in North Goa but the ideal one is Luxcape Villas as they have everything you can ask for when you want to spend your vacation in a Villa.

This is a Private pool villa and it is secluded from the crowd. If you love peaceful time, opt for this villa and live peacefully for a while.
With a fully functional kitchen, and TV, this villa goes above and beyond for a comfortable stay.

Aside from the many luxuries this private villa with a swimming pool in Goa has to offer, it also has the bonus of being set in the charming Siolim. If you’re looking for a peaceful vacation head to North Goa and don’t forget to book Luxcape Villas set in a great location.

Enjoy utmost privacy, less crowd unlike what the hotel offers, freedom, utmost space, luxury and security while being on a vacation. Stay at Luxcape Villas in North Goa at attractive rates. Why wait anymore? Book them today!!