What To Look For When Booking A Villa In Goa in 2023?

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Being busy and working hard makes us exhausted and burnt out, that’s why we end up craving that beach holiday, where we can end our stress and be happy for a while. Our dream destination needs a dream staycation too. The best place to stay when looking for a relaxing holiday is a luxury Villa. 

While there are many villas available in Goa, it is important to book the one that suits us. The one that brings us happiness. 

In order to help you to find a private villa in North Goa, here are some of the points to look at when booking a Villa. 

What To Look For When Booking A Villa In Goa 

1. Location 

This is the most important point to keep in your mind. What kind of location would you like? Near the beach, or a few kms far away from the beach.

One thing to keep in mind is that villas near the beach cost a lot more than those villas a bit far away from the beach. The second thing to keep in mind is that villas that are 

closer to the beach, are the ones are more crowded or filled with people. And the ones that fit far are less crowded and surrounded by lush greenery. The best villa in North Goa location-wise is Luxcape Villas in North Goa. 

2. Number Of People Allowed In Villa 

Some villas don’t allow unmarried couples or people under the age of 18. That’s why it is important to know about these things before booking a villa. 

The second important thing to know is how many people they allow in Villa. Luxcape Villas which is the most luxurious villa in North Goa they accept all the guests. It’s better to choose them, they are a great option in North Goa. 

3. Weather 

We all are aware that Goa has pleasant weather for most of the year and there are only two seasons- 

  • Dry season
  • Monsoon season

The Villa that you are planning should receive a good amount of wind, better than average gusts of wind in the city, there should be far fewer buildings and general obstacles. The Villa should be surrounded by greenery rather than other hotels, buildings or villas. 

4. Villa Style 

Villas are way different from hotels and our house. They are overall different in terms of architecture and furnishings.  

At Luxcape Villas you will feel the comfort of your home with an extra added bonus- luxurious world-class amenities. 

Luxcape Villas the most luxurious villa in North Goa has three bedrooms, an open lounging area where you can sit back and enjoy the view, a fully equipped kitchen and a well-stocked kitchen where you can cook your own favourite food or hire a private chef. 

This beautiful villa is surrounded by lush greenery. Inside the villa, it is decorated with outstanding design, modernist decor aesthetics, and chic furnishings. Which will give you peace. 

5. Staff Expectations

The services we need for ourselves from the staff are very different. Sometimes we want to be left alone and manage our own work. Sometimes we need staff members to take care of our different work. 

There are many villas that will provide housekeeping services and laundry services. But sometimes they provide staff once in a whole day. That is why it is important to talk to the villa owner about staff members before booking any private villa in North Goa. 

Luxcape Villas which is a private villa in Goa provides you with caretakers. Who will take care of your personal needs. 

6. Amenities

We are always looking for the most luxurious villa in Goa which will pamper us with their amenities. A villa that will give us a gym with specific equipment, games, a media room to keep the kids entertained or a tennis court and many more. But one thing to keep in mind is that all these amenities come at a cost. It is better to find a villa that will give the best amenities at an affordable rate. 


Luxcape Villas provides –

  • Private Pool
  • Free Parking
  • Tv
  • Ac rooms
  • On-demand cook
  • Laundry services 
  • FREE wifi
  • Pool table
  • Music system 
  • Fully equipped Kitchen
  • Housekeeping


Not just these, there are many more services provided by them. 

These are the points you should look for before booking a villa for you and your loved ones. Luxcape Villas has all of these facilities, you should check them out and book their villas as soon as possible. You will definitely have the best vacation!!