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People tend to believe that Goa is a place for couples and bachelors who want to party hard. 

But this isn’t true. Goa has lush greenery, soothing beaches and kid- friendly staycations. 

For your next family trip try, Goa has it is more than just a party place.  There are many places your child can visit like Fort Aguada, Chapora Fort, Tiracol Fort, Reis Magos Fort, Corjuem Fort, Church of St. Cajetan, Mae De Deus Church, St. Diogo’s Church and many more.

Try luxury villas in Goa like Luxcape Villas as your kids will have a good family vacation. Besides you having a good time for yourself, your kids will not get bored.

Reasons Why You Should Take Family Vacation In Goa 

Luxcape Villas the luxury villas in Goa offer a myriad of activities to keep you and your children occupied. With games, and fun activities for kids and adults, they ensure everyone leaves happy.

 1. Family Holidays Are Memories

Family vacations are important because it is the only time when the family members leave their work behind and come together to spend some quality time.

You can go for rental villas in Goa and celebrate a birthday party, wedding party making your life seem happy and wonderful. Don’t forget to take photos and videos of the family holiday. 

This will be your unique family vacation which will give lasting memories. 

With kid-friendly staycation you will be comfortable celebrating any event with family members, especially with a child on a family holiday.

 2. Family Vacation Encourage Learning Outside the Home

Family vacation is not just about having fun but also making a plan that helps children to have fun learning too. There are many monuments in Goa to make your child learn new things in a fun way. 

They will learn about different cultures or communities without spending much money. This will enable them to learn about different places and people in Goa. 

 3. Family Vacation Is A Stress Buster

Soothing beaches in Goa will help you to calm down and be at peace for a while. It will turn out to be a great vacation for your kids after their hectic exams. 

Try out rental villas in Goa as it is an excellent way for family members to enjoy and relax with family. You can easily choose the activities that everyone in your family can enjoy.

 4. Increase Family Health

Apart from strengthening family relationships and family bonds. It reduces family problems too. Just simply taking a family member for a walk or doing fun activities together can lead to a family’s good physical and mental health.

Things To Do at Villas:

There are many things to do in Kid-friendly rental villas in Goa. Try these –

 1. Explore Goa 

There are many options in Goa to visit like museums, parks, you can always find some place you haven’t been before. Like Museum of Goa, Houses of Goa Museum, Goa Science Center, Museum of Christian Art, Blue Whale Water Park, Froggyland, Splashdown Water Park and many more. 

 2. Stay In Luxcape, Goa

Try out the luxury villas in Goa Luxcape Villas where you will get airport pickup, a fully furnished kitchen where you can hire a personal chef or take a dip in the pool and more!

 3. Forget Household Stuffs 

Take a break from house chores. The idea of a vacation is to get refreshed. 

 4. Hire Chef Or Cook Your Own Food 

If you like being lazy then leave your cooking to the chef, which you can hire at Luxcape Villas. You can also order from Zomato or any other food delivery apps. 

One thing is for sure you will get a peaceful vacation with your kids. 

 5. Plan Fun Activities 

There are numerous fun activities available at Luxcape Villas. Your kids would enjoy theme parks, water parks in the summer, or any adventure activities.

 6. Plan Fun Activities At Luxcape Villas 

Leave all the boring hotels this time and plan fun stuff at Luxcape Villas. 

Try a family board game night, a family movie night, a family cooking night, or a family music jam session, there are many more things which you can do at Luxcape Villas – the luxury villas in Goa. Have a fun vacation with your kids!! Try them out now !!