Villa vs. Hotel: Which Accommodation Style is Right for You?

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When we plan for a vacation, the first thing which we end up doing is searching for hotel rooms. Well, times have changed now. There are a lot of options for holiday villas in Goa as well.

Then there comes confusion- which one to choose? Villa or Hotel? 

Let’s go through some points and see which one is best for us!!

Are you excited ?? We are too !! Let’s go…

Accommodation In Villa Or Hotel? 

  • Hotel

A bed, TV, toilet, sometimes a balcony, some storage space and a minibar are all common amenities found in hotel rooms. The layout of a hotel is typically similar to that of an apartment complex, with rooms taking up successive floors and being crowded by those other guests. They share amenities like a pool, gym, and restaurant on the property depending on the hotel.

  • Villa

A villa is the same as a private standalone residence, just as a hotel is comparable to an apartment complex. Villa has every corner for you that you expect to find in a home, including a living room, dining room, kitchen, and bedrooms. In areas like Goa, mostly every villa has a private pool.

Private villas in Goa can offer anything from a private home theatre to a gym, from a massage room to a sauna, in addition to these fundamental luxuries. Sizes of villas vary widely. An intimate one-bedroom villa for couples or a big mansion with 15 bedrooms that can sleep up to 30 people are both considered villas.

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Dining In Villa Or Hotel? 

  • Hotel

The only real food alternatives available to guests of hotels are to eat in the restaurants, cafes, get room service, or eat at nearby restaurants. No hotel allows you to bring outside food. Although many hotels have excellent restaurants, oftentimes eating in the hotel can be very expensive. Most hotels don’t have restaurants, which can be problematic, especially if you’re taking children on vacation. Another option is room service, although ordering it may get pricey.

  • Villa

The abundance of alternatives at your villa is one of the best things about vacationing in a villa. You can make your favourite meals and snacks whenever you feel like it. You will get a full kitchen, which also includes a full-size refrigerator where you can keep cold drinks. Also, you are allowed to order and bring outside food. There are also Goa villa with private pool for rent.

Most private villa in Goa chefs offer a suggested menu with prices, and the chef is ready to go over any unique requests you might have. You can go out to eat at a local restaurant if you feel like it. The villa’s staff is familiar with the area and can guide you through. 

Luxcape Villas which is a holiday villas in Goa come with a personal chef who will cook meals for you there. This could range from a straightforward family lunch to a sumptuous dinner feast. Try them out. 


Family Stay In A Hotel Or Villa ? 

  • Hotel

Families tend to find hotel rooms as soon as they reach their vacation place as most hotel rooms are kid-friendly.

Only in some circumstances, a hotel may have a no-children policy, but even a hotel that appears to be impartial may have been built with business tourists or couples in mind rather than accommodating families with young children. The top family-friendly hotels have kid-friendly designs, such as interconnecting rooms, as well as small parks, kids’ clubs and entertaining activities.

But the problem with hotel rooms is that it can be quite difficult to reserve a large number of rooms in the same hotel or on the same floor if you want to book for your entire family. Additionally, in most cases, there isn’t a common area where the whole family can hang together to feel comfortable. 

  • Villa

Holiday villas in Goa are best for families as there is no need to book many rooms. The whole villa belongs to you and your family. It also means that you won’t have to worry about the privacy of your family. 

Additionally, many holiday villas in Goa contain amenities that are specifically made to be kid-friendly, such as bunk beds, adjoining bedrooms, wading pools, toys, baby cots, high chairs, and pool fences. There are Villas that offer adults some alone time, you can hire babysitting services and prepare meals and snacks in the villa’s kitchen.

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