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Goa is one of India’s most romantic destinations. This shouldn’t come as a surprise though. We see so many memes and people planning Goa trips due to its stunning landscapes, jaw-dropping beaches, and gorgeous sunsets, making it a perfect romantic destination.

It’s such a legendary location which you deserve. 

Luxcape Villas are the ultimate haven for love birds! It’s a villa for couples. They will ensure that you will enjoy the luxury amenities that you deserve!!!

Leave all the fights between you and your partner behind and enjoy an unforgettable experience with your other half !!

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Love In Luxury Villa 

We all have been there, feeling irritated at home, and fighting constantly with our partner. Say goodbye to these things, say hi to long weekends on your calendar and book something grand, a stay in one of the finest villas in Goa – Luxcape Villas. It is highly recommended because it’s rejuvenating and a place where you will redefine love. 

  • Pamper yourself 
    Try romantic villas for two with a private pool. Luxcape Villas is the best beach destination and has something for every traveller!
  • It’s in Goa
    Villas in Goa are automatically better than those villas in other parts of India. In India, Goa is a well-known vacation spot. You can enjoy the luxurious villas and visit the white-sand beaches, vibrant nightlife, infinity-edge private pools, beautiful tropical gardens, and casinos.
  • Live in Luxury
    Villa will define your personality and show off in front of your friends and relatives. Luxcape Villas will meet your comfort and needs. It is designed spaciously with world-class amenities. This romantic villa for two with private pool is perfect for a little escape from day-to-day fights with our other half. 
  • Ultimate Privacy
     All couples love and need privacy. Get away from nosy relatives and neighbours, who constantly want to know what is going on in your life. Leave them behind and live in our own private space. Just imagine there is no one to intrude on your private space. Spending time with your better half becomes more pleasurable. 
  • World Class Amenities
    villa for couple has world-class amenities that you will end up having the best time of your life !!


It’s way better than five-star hotels and resorts. These romantic villas for two with a private pool are a remarkable feature for your romantic escape. 

Escaping life and come to a luxury villa is truly a blessing. Get free parking, car rentals, airport transfers TV, power backup and many more amenities only at Fenicia Villas. 

  • It’s Safe

For couples, the most important thing for them is their loved one’s safety. Luxcape Villas understands this which is why it has no restrictions on entry and exit timings. There are also CCTV surveillance and alarm sensors. Sounds amazing right? Luxcape Villas are well-planned and ensure great security. Giving you and your partner peace of mind and assurance that you both are safe.

  • Landscape and Nature

Let’s talk about the outer part of the luxury Villa. Luxcape Villas is surrounded by lush greenery. Leave the hustle-bustle of your life behind and experience the luxurious life. Live in open spaces surrounded by huge trees and fill your lungs with fresh air and live in peace. The view from the open area is beautiful. Get closer to nature and enjoy romantic villas for two with a private pool. It’s perfect for a romantic escape!!


Why Luxcape Villas ? 

You should choose Luxcape Villas as they are the perfect villa for couples!! 

It has –

  • A private kitchen where you can cook your favourite meals which includes Stove/Induction, Kettle, Tableware, Cooking Utensils, Refrigerator, Coffee Machine, Dishwasher, Toaster, Microwave and many more!!
  • There is a caretaker who will take care of Dishwashing, purchasing Groceries and many more. 
  • You will get complete access to a private kitchen and prepare meals of your choice.
  • Outside food is allowed. You can easily order from Zomato, Swiggy and Local restaurants.


Luxcape Villas are the perfect villa for couples.  Why wait anymore? Leave all the stress of work behind, enjoy world-class amenities with surroundings of beautiful nature. Escape to Luxcape Villas and love in Luxury !!