How Private Villa is Different from Resort? | Luxcape Villas

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When it is about travelling your favourite or bucket list destinations, it all happens  with truckloads of planning. As a matter of fact Goa, the pearl of East is a definite hot spot for all kinds of travellers from across the world. But to make your holiday to your bucket list destination all the more memorable and special, it might take a little bit more planning. Because choosing from the best luxury villas in Goa ain’t an easy task. 

With a little bit of pre-planning and research one can surely experience the wonders of Goa by staying in style. Which essentially means putting up in a luxury villa during your stay in this beautiful coastal state of India.

Handsdown, a luxury villa is the right choice if you are looking for a relaxed and plushy vacation. However, choosing the right one according to your preferences is a humongous task. 

When you choose from the best luxury villas in Goa, they sure do kick the notch up with separate self-contained villas with ample room for your gang to relax and chill out. They offer solitude, privacy and numerous personal amenities that surely aren’t available in your regular luxury resorts. 

Let’s take a look at the list of differences between a private luxury villa and a resort:

  • Certainly more spacious: 

An average resort room will hardly have around 300-400 sq. ft. space per room. If traveling in larger groups you have multiple rooms of similar size to accommodate the all group members. 

But when you choose to stay in a private luxury villa, you enjoy the entire villa space, which is often more than 300 sq. ft. You needn’t walk down a common hallway or lobby to meet your friends or family. Whereas, in villas you might share the common areas with your group only. Topping that you also have plenty of space to hang out, chill or lounge in and around the villa rather than being stuck to the bedrooms. So when staying  in a luxury beach villa in Goa, like Luxcape Villas you have ample extra space indoors and outdoors to relax just the way you want to.

  • Enjoy uninterrupted privacy:

The biggest con of staying in a resort is that one has to share space with a bunch of other occupants. Many times most of us have gone to the common pool to take a dip, but came back because it is crowded with numerous unknown faces. Having faced such unlikely situations in resorts, travellers surely would prefer staying in one of the best luxury villas, that ensure absolute privacy. 

Moreover in villas you don’t even need to get dressed to go eat your breakfast. Guests staying can enjoy an early or even late breakfast at their own pace, without taking up the pain of getting dressed. It is just like having breakfast at your home away from home. 

The resorts are excellently equipped with professional staff for all your needs. But a private villa in North Goa, like Luxcape Villas grants way more privacy than some of the most lavish resorts and hotels in Goa.

  • Comfortable & Cozy:

Though some might beg to differ, at the best beach villas you surely do get the comfort of your home. The warmth, cosiness and comfort that a private villa offers is irreplaceable by a resort. 

Be it the cosy bed to snug in, the backyard pool or the open-air rooftop any one might remind you of your home miles away. On the other hand a resort might have such numerous amenities but will definitely not be as comfortable and cosy as a private villa. Luxcape Villas is surely the best pick when it comes to holidaying at a private villa in North Goa.

  • Be on your own terms:

When staying in a private villa you get unrestricted freedom to relax, rejuvenate and even party on your own terms, which clearly is impossible in a resort. 

Whereas in a private villa one can choose to stay, eat and chill just like the way one might wish too. One can even spend some quality time by cooking meals for your friends, family or the love of your life. At some of the best private villas in North Goa like Luxcape Villas, you can be your own boss just like at your home.

  • Best choice for private events & small gatherings:

Rather than resorts, private luxury villas can be your best choice to host a private or small gathering for special occasions like engagement, milestone anniversaries, birthdays of your little ones, or even an achievement or promotion at work. The list is actually endless. Being nearly like a private or personal accommodation, villa is the the best choice for a celebration away from the surroundings of your hometown. If the place happens to be a beach villa in Goa, like Luxcape Villas, then surely your guests will be witness to the most memorable celebration in the next few years to come.

The benefits of choosing a private villa over a resort surely is endless. But when you choose to stay in one of the best luxury villas of Goa, i.e Luxcape Villas you surely will have an experience of your lifetime.