Discover Paradise: The Most Beautiful Villas in the World

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It’s always tempting to escape the real world, away from problems, away from people and spend time in luxury. That’s why people love to book a villa and pamper themselves with a luxurious stay

A change is needed, villas are loved wherever they are – near a beach, jungle hilltop or even remote islands.

Take a break, don’t be stressed, and be blessed !! Don’t just stay alive, live in a luxury villa. 

Let’s take a spin around our planet and let’s have a look at the most beautiful villas around the world.

Most Beautiful Villas in the World

     1)  Praana Residence, Koh Samui, Thailand

              Thailand is renowned for its serene beaches, delectable cuisine, stunning landscapes and temples, vibrant heritage, and architectural, cultural, and archaeological treasures.

   And Praana Residence is known for –

  • Spacious and supremely luxurious rooms.
  • An entire floor is dedicated to leisure, fitness, and a nursery.
  • 25-metre infinity pool, sauna and steam rooms.
  • Private tennis court.

   These are only some of the features and the whole features list is endless. 

       2 ) Over Yonder Cay, Bahamas

               It is a popular destination among honeymoon couples and families. With 700 islands it is a huge paradise for people. Over Yonder Cay is one of the expensive and most beautiful villas in the world.

      It has –

  • Infinity pools.
  • Jacuzzis.
  • Private beaches.
  • Private alfresco dining and lounging for comfortable stay.
  • Fully air-conditioned living spaces. 

        3) Annandale Seascape, South Island, New Zealand

               The beaches, glaciers, and mountains of New Zealand are well-known. Landscapes, climate, architectural styles, cultures, creeds, ethnicities, and gender identities all exhibit a vast diversity.

       The reasons why people adore Annandale Seascape are –

  • Spa pool outdoors.
  • There is a single bedroom. The centre of attention at the villa is the super-king bed.
  • Have miles of sweeping hills, green plains, and rugged coastline to explore.
  • With four-wheel drive, the property is located 40 minutes from the main hotel. The estate can also be accessed via chopper.

        Annandale Seascape is one of the expensive and most beautiful villas in the world.

        4) Villa Sola Cabiati, Lake Como, Italy

               Italy has hundreds of stunning islands, it takes years to explore all of them. Also, there are gorgeous Italian beaches. The climate, culture and cuisine are wonderful. 

The reasons why people adore Villa Sola Cabiati are –

  • With the most breathtaking views of Lake Como, the location is the height of luxury.
  • Wonderful historical vibes.
  • Wonderful property in an excellent location.
  • Both the inside and outside of the villa are immaculate.
  • Collector’s treasures of exceptional beauty are on display within.
  • Well-trimmed plants and an abundance of flowers fill the yard.
  • The magnificent lakeside villa is still owned by the original family and has been converted to include a museum on its upper levels.

Since we have discussed the most beautiful Villas in the World.

Now Let’s Look At The Best Villa In India

Goa is a beautiful place, we all are aware of its beautiful beaches, multiple adventure sports, and party places and the list is never-ending. 

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  • Kitchen – A private kitchen is provided, so that you can cook as you like it. Not in the mood to cook ? Don’t worry. You can get a chef at their villa.
  • AC – All rooms are spacious and they have multiple Ac.
  • Power Backup – Don’t worry about power failure. They have power backup.
  • Fire Safety – They care about you and your safety. That’s why fire alarms are there for you. 
  • Swimming Pool – A private swimming pool so that you don’t have to share your private pool with unknown people. 
  • Billiards – Enjoy your time at villa with billiards. Also, there is a yoga area, a reading area, and many more. Try out the most beautiful Villas.


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